• Steve Charles, MD
    JUN 01, 2014
    A pioneer in the development of vitreoretinal surgical techniques and instruments, Dr. Steve Charles shares a selection of his preferred approaches for managing epiretinal and internal limiting membranes.
    Kenneth W. Wright, MD
    M. Edward Wilson, MD
    David A. Plager, MD
    JUL 11, 2013
    Compared with adult cataract surgery, pediatric cataract surgery is complicated by a smaller eye, tissue differences, and significant postoperative inflammation. This video series demonstrates management of the anterior capsule, IOL selection and implantation in various settings, and challenges such as a subluxated lens, chronic iritis, and posterior capsule rupture.
    Kenneth W. Wright, MD
    JUN 06, 2013
    This expert video series details Dr. Ken Wright's techniques for weakening and strengthening the extraocular muscles in the surgical correction of strabismus. Muscle resection, recession, and plication, as well as tendon procedures are shown. Adapted from Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (Oxford University Press, 2012).
    Francis W. Price Jr., MD
    SEP 23, 2012
    Francis W. Price Jr., MD, demonstrates the latest techniques for DMEK, DSEK, and DALK surgeries. Coverage includes DMEK and DSEK combined with cataract surgery, DMEK in the phakic and pseudophakic eye, DMEK donor preparation, pull-in and push-through DSEK donor insertion, and DALK big-bubble and manual dissection techniques.
    David F. Chang, MD
    JUN 10, 2012
    A virtual online fellowship, these 32 videos review every device, variation, and surgical approach David F. Chang, MD, utilizes in managing the broad spectrum of zonulopathy associated with pseudoexfoliation, trauma, and other causes.